Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Horse Braiding Tip # 1- Yarn

Yarn: when picking a yarn to braid with, we like to use a plain, unwaxed yarn. We prefer plain yarn over string or waxed yarn. It is easier on our fingers, cheap and holds the braids very tight. Red Heart is a favourite brand of ours!
When picking colours, we like to match the horses mane as closely as possible. Here are a few ideas when choosing yarn to braid manes that aren't as straight forward as the bays and black horses!

Greys: Black yarn
Light/White Greys: White yarn
Chestnuts: Dark brown yarn

Palominos: White yarn
Paints: Alternate white yarn and black yarn depending on each peice of mane you grab.
Appy's: Try to match the darkest colour hairs in their manes, usually black or dark brown works nicely.

For more braiding tips, including our "quick yarn test" to purchase a yarn that won't break, and how to cut 40+ even peices of yarn in 30 secs flat, see "One for the Money" our instructional braiding DVD.


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Well show season is upon us, how is the braiding going?