Thursday, August 23, 2007

End of Season Savings

30% off including free shipping!!
Sale ends November 1st

Regularly $35 plus shipping, One for the Money is on sale for $30 with free shipping, 30% savings.

Learning to braid a horse not only takes time, but also takes considerable skill. Books are available, but people need to see and listen to understand, especially in this highly specialized hands on trade. Finding a braider to take the time to teach you is difficult, if not impossible! Braiders are almost invisible to the public eye, and aren’t available to share their tips and tricks, as they braid late into the nights and early mornings.

One braid job can easily costs $55 for a mane and tail, and often hunters require 2-3 braid jobs a week. When you compete even 4-8 times a summer, you can see how this really adds up. Most horse people want to compete more but can’t afford the high costs. Learning to braid is something anyone can do to save themselves hundreds and even thousands over time and with enough practice, braiding can actually earn you money!

Video’s out there cost upwards of $75 US and don’t cover braiding tails, only half of horse braiding is covered.

"One for the Money" teaches you how to braid manes, tails, and forelocks, as well as the secrets of the pro's, their time saving tips and tricks, and solutions to common problems that may arise when braiding.Producing professional looking horse braids may seem impossible, especially when there are no “correct how to do it” guidelines out there. This is why Top Knot braiders offers you our braiding bible, a complete step-by-step process, breaking down each twist and knot into a science. Braiding takes years of practice to get neat and tight enough to braid for top circuit, but our tools will teach you the correct foundation to accelerate the learning curve.

"One for the Money" is the only braiding DVD that teaches you how to prepare the mane, pull the mane and braid the forelock, mane and tail, as well as fast removal.


*About braiding
*Preparing the horse
*Getting started and tools you will need
*Braiding down the mane
*Tying up and Bumping the mane
*Braiding the forelock
*Braiding the tail

We also have a bonus FAQs with video answers including:

How do I do a pinwheel?
How do I put on a tail wrap?
My horse tries to rub out his braids.
My horses mane is really thick.
How do I fix a rubbed out mane?
When is the best time to braid?
Why horse won’t stand!
What is the quickest way to removed braids.

Do any of these seem familiar?

*Fixing twisted braids.
*Braids that fall out.
*Fuzzy braids.
*Uneven braids.
*Braids that are too thick or too thin.
*Loose braids.
*Braids the stick up too high.

Email today to order "One for the Money" instructional horse braiding DVD or you can order online following our Paypal shopping cart.

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