Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Horse Braiding Tip # 8: How to finish a tail braid with a pinwheel?

"I need to learn how to do the pinwheel technique"

Check out One for the Money for a video explanation how to braid a tail step by step and finish it off with either a wrap around ring or a pinwheel in our bonus FAQs. Pinwheels are tricky, and take a deal of attention and patience to perfect. It's great to work with a visualization if you can because they are a more complicated technique.

The Pinwheel

1. After braiding the tail braid towards the end of the tail bone, stop adding new pieces of tail and continue braiding a single braid down.

2. Braid this single braid down to about the horses hock. It seems long, but this will give you an average size pinwheel. If you want it bigger/smaller, adjust your braid length accordingly.
braiding mains
3. Braid a piece of folded over yarn into the braid when you are about 6 inches from ending your braid.
braiding mains
4. Next take a sewing needle and thread the yarn. Start to roll up your braid back onto itself, using your needle push the yarn back through the braid and make your first small roll.

5. Every time you complete a roll, sew the yarn through the braid with the needle to secure it. So it's roll, sew, roll sew, roll, sew. This will make it so the pinwheel doesn't move or uncoil through the sides.

6. When you have rolled the pinwheel completely up to the tail braid, sew the yarn straight through the front of the tail braid and pull it out behind the braid. Pull one end of the yarn out the left side, and one end of the yarn out the ride side.

7. Tie a knot to secure the braid.

8. You will notice you have have two long strands of tail poking out the side of your pinwheel. Tuck these behind the last side pieces of your tail braid.

9. Now take your two pieces of yarn and tie another knot under your pinwheel to secure the two long strands of tail and finish your pinwheel. .We used white yarn so you could see where the yarn goes and how it ties.
main braiding
To learn how to braid a tail, do a pinwheel, learn a wrap around ring, plus many more tips and tricks on tail braiding, check out One for the Money an instructional braiding DVD today!
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Well show season is upon us, how is the braiding going?